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3 methods for obtaining water in desert regions

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In a desert without water sources, you can try the following methods to obtain water:

  • 1-Condensation: Use a plastic sheet or bag to cover a container, securing it at the edges. Place a small rock or weight in the center. As the sun heats the ground, moisture will evaporate and collect on the plastic, dripping into the container.
  • 2- Solar Still: Dig a hole in the ground, place a container in the center, and cover the hole with plastic, sealing the edges. Moisture from the soil evaporates, condenses on the plastic, and drips into the container.
  • 3-Transpiration Bags: Tie a plastic bag around the leaves of a plant, securing it tightly. Over time, the plant releases moisture through transpiration, which collects in the bag.

Remember, these methods may yield limited water, and it’s crucial to purify collected water through boiling or using purification tablets before consumption.