The Genesis is our exclusive, private online community. FREE ACCESS TO THE GENESIS FOR THE FIRST 6 MONTHS!

When you join the Genesis, you are going to band together with like minded men and women who love all things outdoors.

Our mission at M42 Adventures is to Educate, Experience, and Evolve every member of our community.  We will have videos and information on thousands of topics, for example; how to cook over a fire, recipes, set up a mountain bike, what surfboard you should use, how to draw a Colorado deer tag, hiking trails in Utah, what side by side is best for you and why, and on and on!

You will have access to articles and information about all things outdoors. As well as discounts on events, hunts, and gear as well as grow your network with people all over the world.

You’ll be presented with monthly topics, books, and reading material, be on teams catered to educate and inform you about the outdoor world. Bonds will be forged and memories made!

We are working daily on this community and hope to launch in the next 45-60 days!  The community will cost $97, but for the first members, we are going to give 6 months free!  Sign up for our email and tag the Genesis, so we can email you when it goes live!